How to Buy Norton Antivirus Security Online?

By | April 10, 2021

We live in a digital age. Almost every individual owns a least one technological device. They use that technological device to store or share their data. New technology also because the internet has caused much convenience and facility into our daily lives. However, they have also made us more liable to certain threats. Moreover, these threats include hackers, viruses, and other sorts of malware. Learn how to buy Norton Antivirus online.

Steps to buying Norton Antivirus Security Product Online.

 Follow these steps to buy online a subscription to Norton Antivirus Security.


Firstly, check you have a good and fast internet connection.

Secondly, launch your browser.

Thirdly, enter

At now, you’ll be ready to find several Norton products and services. All the products have each of their features listed. You’ll flick through them. Therefore, you’ll be ready to determine which product is best suited to satisfy your security needs.


Alternatively, you’ll directly look for the specified Norton Antivirus Security product.

Click on the main page i.e. setup associated with antivirus security. Therefore, click on the choice that says Subscribe Now.

This will take you to the web Norton store. You’ll specifically reach the Checkout page.

 Important things to follow to buy Norton

Review the product you’re purchasing. Thereafter, confirm the value of the subscription and therefore the related tax. Finally, click on Checkout.

You will be asked to sign in to your Norton account. Make use of your existing credentials. But you’ll create a replacement account by entering information. This includes your email address, name, and telephone number.

Your purchase is going to be confirmed through the billing information. The important information is provided on your account.

You will receive a receipt on your registered email address.

This email also will contain your unique 25 digit activation code. Moreover, this code will be used to activate your subscription related to the Norton Security product

To activate the subscription, click on setup

Enter the activation code when prompted.

Sign In to your account together with your credentials.

Click on the Download button.

Run the installer file.

Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.


 In conclusion, the smallest amount you’ll do to make sure the security of your data which of your family. The solution is to take a position during a reliable antivirus solution like Norton Antivirus. It’s extremely easy to equip your computer with a Norton security product. You’ll even follow this guide to form a sale online.

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