| | Quick method to restore files from a backup set in Norton Security

By | May 2, 2020 has eased the way of restoring files no matter what the file format is. Apart from prime security features such as data protection, internet security, cyber risks and others, the software helps you to keep a backup of files, which you feel are important, on the cloud memory or internal storage system.

However, you need to make setting on your so you can restore files from the set. To create a restore, you need to execute a simple procedure.

Before you proceed, check if the subscription is valid. If you have been using the software as a Norton free trial, you will not be able to get the files back. Go to to get an active Norton setup. You can follow the steps to restore files.

Restore files from a backup set in contact norton technical support  Security

  1. Launch Norton home interface on the screen
  2. Go to Norton technical phone support number  security with backup
  3. In the backup pane, click Back available at the bottom menu
  4. You will see a message with these options
  5. Run backup
  6. Restore files
  7. Backup sets
  8. More storage
  9. Click Restore files setup
  10. On the next page, under Restore from option, click View All (in yellow color) at the right side with the window
  11. You will see ‘Select restore source’ directory, click the radio button of DefaultSet from this computer on source.. and click OK
  12. When prompted, choose Files and download Folders selected for restore and a record will show up
  13. Select and mark on files you want to restore and click OK
  14. Will be redirected to restore files  window again. Select Restore To option and click change
  15. Select New Location and browse the location where you want to save the files
  16. Click Restore button and complete the process

After completing the steps, check the location where you saved the files. If you see no file is restored, some problem may have occurred, click and Norton phone support  try to fix the issue. Alternatively, go the Norton Setup and try to restore back up files from cloud storage.

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